In 2016, we started to meet out of a shared concern for immigrant students, who were expressing their concern in various ways, after the rhetoric of the 2016 elections. We knew that we wanted to help our students and their families but we weren't sure how. We started looking at what was already happening in our district to address this issue as well as what other school districts were doing. We learned about COPA (Colorado People's Alliance) and a training that they were providing called Know Your Rights. Many of us were trained on how to give trainings to other people. So, in early 2017, TUFIR started providing trainings to the parents of some students in the Cherry Creek School District at local churches. One of our challenges was to find the best way to communicate to our families that these trainings were happening, as we did not want to alert ICE by posting signs in local businesses. This year we have focused on building alliances with other groups in our district that share in our desire to assist immigrant students and families. We have met with the mental health equity team as well as attending the District Accountability Committee meetings and Pass meetings on occasion. We have found shared values with these groups in supporting immigrant families in CCSD. We have also been gathering resources from Teaching Tolerance and the California Teachers' Association. 

Know Your Rights trainings 

All people residing in the United States are afforded the rights set forth by the Constitution regardless of immigration status. Our Know Your Rights trainings educate and inform people on these rights to keep them safe when confronted by law enforcement including ICE. Check out our upcoming events to see trainings already planned or  we are also willing to present for your group of organization. Go to the Contact Us tab or the Where To Find Us tab to contact us about trainings. 

Touched by Trauma conference at Regis University
KYR at Rodolfo Corky Gonzales Branch Library
11.19.2019, 05:00 PM

TUFIR's mission is not only to protect immigrants already here but to help influence change in the political and school arenas to keep all immigrants and their children safe. We are also hoping to train future student leaders and create a rapid action network for students and their families when confronted with ICE detention.